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BALEAP PIM Reports: 3

1995 - 1997

Originally published as Professional interest meetings (PIMs) ... a brief report edited by Gail Langley (1998) ISSN 1462-8198

Gail Langley

EAP In Higher Education – Defining the Boundaries
Saturday 9th December 1995
Essex University
Jo McDonough

The Teaching of Collocations in EAP
Saturday 8th June 1996
Leeds University
Peter Howarth

Self-Access in EAP
Saturday 2nd November 1996
Exeter University
Paul Harvey

Integrating English Language Units into Validated Courses
Saturday 7th December 1996
University of Hertfordshire
Andy Gillett

Training and Induction in EAP
Saturday 7th June 1997
Sussex University
Margaret Khidhayir

Current Issues in EAP Writing Instruction
Saturday 29th November 1997
CALS, University of Reading, Reading
Paul Thompson

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