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Saturday 7th June 1997

University of Sussex

Organiser: Margaret Khidhayir

6.1 Introduction

6.2 EAP Teacher Training and Induction: What's Needed? An Overview.

Bob Jordan (Freelance, ex-Manchester University)

6.3 EAP Survey Questionnaire: Teachers' Views on Teacher Training in EAP

Margaret Khidhayir & Doreen du Boulay (University of Sussex)

6.4 The Induction Programme for the 4-Week Pre-Sessional Course at Lancaster

Joan Allwright (University of Lancaster)

6.5 Pre-Sessional Course Induction and Report Writing

John Morley (University of Manchester)

6.6 Briefing Teachers on Project Works

Pauline Robinson (University of Reading)

6.7 The Teaching of Writing on Pre-Sesional Courses

Alan Evison (Queen Mary & Westfield, University of London)

6.8 Preparing Teachers for an Integrated Lecture Seminar Cycle

Ali Whyllie (University of Sussex)

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