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EAP Methodologies

Saturday 15thJune 2002

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Organiser: Olwyn Alexander


Peter Grundy
The socio-pragmatics of writing

Parallel sessions

Anne Pallant and Anne Vicary
A rationale for the teaching of academic writing: IELTS level 3 to level 7.5

David Catterick
Developing the DUET

John Morgan
An individualised specific-purposes approach to teaching mixed-discipline in-sessional students

Richard Badger
Product, process and genre: approaches to writing in EAP

Lynn Errey
Re-evaluating task-based learning in EAP

Diana Ridley
Reading to write: ways of using current news reports in an EAP context

Sue Argent & Jenifer Spencer
Habemus corpus (We have a corpus!)

Steve Issitt
Timed essays on pre-sessionals

Olwyn Alexander & David Bowker
In at the deep end: Teaching students where they have to go

Panel Discussion

Does the IELTS tail wag the EAP dog?

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