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Listening comprehension & note-taking: Exercises

Listening comprehension and note-taking General listening Listening skills


Astronomy RP WMP

Endangered Nature RP WMP

Environmental Science RP WMP

Geology RP WMP

Managerial Work RP WMP

Polpulation Growth RP WMP

Snoring RP WMP

United Kingdom Population RP WMP

Valve Characteristics RP WMP


What is Language? RP WMP

The Making of Modern English RP WMP

Taxes, Quality of Life and Happiness RP WMP

The Concept of the Environment RP WMP

Sustainable Economic Development and the Protection of Biodiversity RP WMP

Cloning: Arguments For and Against RP WMP

Freedom and its Limits RP WMP

Genetically Modified Foods RP WMP

Political Correctness RP WMP

Listening to Lectures by Jo McDonough

Biology RP

Computing RP

Government RP

Sociology RP

Mechanics RP

Advanced Conversational English

Sex Education in Schools RP WMP

A Driving Incident RP WMP


Escape from Hanley Park RP WMP

A Double Life RP WMP

Prince Albert and the Jewel Robbers RP WMP


Winston Churchill 13/05/40 RP WMP

Winston Churchill 04/06/1940 RP WMP

Winston Churchill 20/08/40 RP WMP

Harold Macmillan - Cape Town 03/02/60 RP WMP

John F Kennedy - 22/10/62 RP WMP

Martin Luther King - Washington 08/08/63 RP WMP

Harold Wilson - 19/11/67 RP WMP

Prince Charles - Hong Kong 01/07/97 RP WMP

Tony Blair - Cambridge 13/09/99 RP WMP

Michael Moore - 11/09/01 RP WMP

Tony Blair - Brighton 02/10/01 RP WMP

Australian Federal Budget Speech 2002-2003 RP WMP

George Bush - London 19/11/03 RP WMP

Sonia Shah: Crude 01/10/04 RP WMP

Tony Blair - Brighton 28/09/04 RP WMP

Ayad Allawi - London 29/09/04 RP WMP

George Bush - Inaugural Speech 20/01/05 RP WMP

Speech Extracts

Amelia Earhart - Feb 1931 RP WMP

Winston Churchill - 04/06/40 RP WMP

Harold Wilson - Scarborough 01/10/63 RP WMP

Harold Macmillan - Cape Town 03/02/60 RP WMP

Margaret Thatcher - Argentina Invades the Falkland Islands 03/04/82 RP WMP

George Bush - The Bombing of Iraq - 17/01/91 RP WMP

Ronald Reagan - On being shot RP WMP

Condoleezza Rice - London 26/06/03 RP WMP

George Bush - Swearing In as President 20/01/05 RP WMP


Future of Computing RP WMP

Listening purpose


Recognising lecture structure


Giving background information



Giving examples

Showing importance/Emphasising

Clarifying/Explaining/Putting it in other words

Moving on/Changing direction

Giving further information

Giving contrasting information



Referring to visuals


Understanding reference


Ellipsis and substitution


Lexical cohesion