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Listening comprehension & note-taking: Exercises

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Listening comprehension and note-taking

Short Talks

Advertising RP WMP QT FP HTML5

Astronomy RP WMP QT FP HTML5

Education: Success & Failure RP WMP HTML5

Endangered Nature RP WMP QT HTML5

Environmental Science RP WMP HTML5

Extinction of Species RP WMP HTML5


Managerial Work RP WMP QT HTML5

Marketing RP WMP QT FP HTML5

Multinational Enterprises RP WMP HTML5

Population Growth RP WMP QT HTML5

Poverty RP WMP HTML5

Sick Building Syndrome RP WMP HTML5


Sony Digital Voice Recorder - Video RP WMP QT FP HTML5

The Family RP WMP HTML5

United Kingdom Population RP WMP QT HTML5

Valve Characteristics RP WMP QT HTML5

William Perry RP WMP HTML5


What is Language? RP WMP QT HTML5

The Making of Modern English RP WMP QT HTML5

Taxes, Quality of Life and Happiness RP WMP QT HTML5

The Concept of the Environment RP WMP QT HTML5

Sustainable Economic Development and the Protection of Biodiversity RP WMP QT HTML5

Cloning: Arguments For and Against RP WMP QT HTML5

Freedom and its Limits RP WMP QT HTML5

Genetically Modified Foods RP WMP QT HTML5

Political Correctness RP WMP QT HTML5

Listening to Lectures by Jo McDonough

Biology RP HTML5

Computing RP HTML 5

Government RP HTML5

Mechanics RP HTML5

Sociology RP HTML5