Prince Albert and the Jewel Robbers

Gap-fill exercise

Listen to the recording and fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints.

After and in London for more than a year, Linda still terribly lonely. She all sorts of things in order to friends, but still none. She even the sports club of the large insurance company where she as a secretary, and lessons in things like Badminton and even Judo. But despite all that her only real friend Prince Albert, or Prince for short. And he a rather foolish-looking mongrel dog. He to the old woman who Linda a room in her huge, old-fashioned house.
Linda often Prince out for a walk on Saturday mornings, which when she her week-end shopping. One day they in a small side-street just round the corner from all the shops when Prince suddenly Linda towards a lamp post. There a large four-door car there. Linda the man at the wheel. He l nervous, almost frightened. Prince round the lamp post. The man at him and then at Linda as if they no right to be there. 'Hey ! You ! off! Don't near this car! Understand!' he in a low but clear and voice. Then he a few highly insulting, four-letter words. Linda at him angrily and just about to something when she another voice behind her. ' away from that car!' It a man who just round a corner. Prince to at this second stranger. He on a lead and Linda past the lamp post. The second man a large bag which he furiously at Prince. Prince at him. Somehow the lead round the man's feet and he , his head on the lamp post with a sickening thud and himself unconscious.
Linda . Then she herself from behind. It the man in the car who out and to her out of the way so that he the bag the man . But Linda she was and, suddenly her judo, him over her shoulder. He the pavement hard and there, . Just then a police car round the corner. Two policemen out. They , too. Then they upon both men and them. One of the policemen at Linda in amazement and , 'I whether you it but you've just a big jewel robbery. One of these men a jeweller's shop a minute ago. The other one to him away in that car!'