Reg Collins

The Situation

You joined the Civil Service from school twelve years ago and now you are an administration manager. You have two assistants in your section of the department. One is Paul Campbell (21, single), an intelligent, hard-working young man who came into the office three months ago from university where he studied business administration. The other is Reg Collins (23, married, with one child), who worked in another department for three years after leaving school, and joined you two years ago. He works hard and is very responsible. You are pleased to have his help.


This morning you get a telephone call from the finance department. They say they have phoned Reg three times this week about some important figures they need immediately. They cannot wait any longer and ask you to make sure they are ready by lunchtime. You know there is very little work in the office at present.

What do you say to Reg? Choose A, B, or C, and then click on the link to go to the section number given. Do not look at other sections.

  A 'The finance department are waiting for the figures you're preparing.'

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  B 'The finance department need your figures immediately. If you can't finish them by lunch ask Paul to help you.'

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  C 'Where are those figures? The finance department are furious. So hurry up, I don't want any more complaints about this department.'

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