Reg Collins


Just before the end of the afternoon Reg comes into your office and sits down. You ask him about his health. He says he sometimes feels too ill to come to work. When you count up his absences he seems genuinely surprised that he has had so many days off recently. You ask how he is finding the work these days. He says he thinks it's time he looked for something with more possibilities for promotion. He thinks private business could offer him more opportunities. You ask if he is worried about money. He replies that everyone with a wife and child is worried about money, and there seems no future for him in the department. He thinks he will still be in the same job, on the same salary in five years if he doesn't leave now. And he is already bored with the work.

What do you say?

  A 'I think you're tired, Reg. I see you have another three weeks holiday entitlement this year. Why not take a couple of weeks now while you need it? I'm sure things will look different when you come back.'

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  B 'You've been a good assistant Reg, and I'll be sorry to see you go.'

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  C 'Look, Reg, you're not going to get promoted if you only work four days out of five. I think you should go to your doctor about this ulcer and if you must take any more days off, to go to hospital or anything, I must insist you phone in and bring a medical certificate when you return.'

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  D 'Why will private business be more interesting?'

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