The complaint

The Situation

The Ski-Fun Travel Agency organises winter sports holidays for people aged 18 to 30. The holidays are at the lower end of the price range so all costs are kept to a minimum. Charter flights take the holiday-makers out to Italy, then a coach transfers them to their resort in the mountains. Accommodation is in chalets. Meals are provided by 'chalet girls' who are recruited in Britain each season and are usually college students.

You are a representative for Ski-Fun in an Italian resort with ten chalets for 120 holiday-makers. It is your job to meet each group of new arrivals at the resort and show them their chalets. You also help with any problems like sports-equipment hire or medical care, and generally make sure they enjoy their holiday.

This is the second winter season you have worked for Ski-Fun. The rest of the year you do freelance translation work in London, and you look forward to the change of life-style and extra income that the winter brings. One of your duties is to deal with complaints from holiday-makers.

There are always a few of these, usually about the standard of cooking in the chalets but, in general, people have such a good time together that they soon forget the minor problems. Re-bookings and personal recommendations have allowed Ski-Fun to expand very quickly in its four years of operation.


Today, twenty-four hours after arriving in the resort, John McGregor complains loudly and abusively to you about the food served in his chalet: 'The meals are disgusting. Not fit for pigs.' he shouts.

What do you say? Choose A, B, or C below and then click on the link to go to the section number given. Do not look at other sections.

  A 'I see.'

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B 'OK. There's no need to shout.'

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  C 'I'm terribly sorry.'

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