No Smoking

The Situation

You work in a small office with two other people. About a year ago one of your colleagues (Mike Powell) lost his wife. She had been a very heavy smoker, and had died of lung cancer. Mike was very upset and became almost fanatical about the dangers of cigarettes. If anyone lit a cigarette near him he got annoyed. He had made one or two enemies in the firm like that, but most people either stopped smoking when they talked to him, or just stayed away.

The other person in your team did not smoke and did not mind Mike's outbursts. You used to smoke about ten cigarettes a day, but decided Mike was a good reason to give up!

Pleased with your success, you approved of the 'no smoking' notice that Mike put up in the office. When other people came into your office they did not seem to mind putting out their cigarettes for a few minutes. Last week the third member of your team left and today Harry Fry joined you. He is obviously a heavy smoker. The 'no smoking' rule was not official, and nobody mentioned it to Harry when he applied for the job.


At ten o'clock Mike tells you privately that he cannot tolerate Harry's chain-smoking. What do you say? Choose A or B below and click on the link go to the section number given.


A 'Come on, Mike. He's only been here an hour.'

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B 'Don't worry, I'll do something about it.'

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