The Salesman

Your company employs sales representatives who visit customers personally, and there is also a team of salesmen who work over the phone, selling on a commission basis. You have recently been put in charge of the telephone sales staff. You have heard that the company has suffered from staff problems, especially in the telephone sales department.


One day you are surprised when Richard Morgan, one of your team's top earners, refuses to go to a departmental meeting. He gives no reason for this.

It is normal practice for everyone to go to such meetings, so what do you do about Richard?

Choose A, B, C, or D below and then click on the link to go to the section number given. Do not look at other sections.


A Insist that he goes.

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  B Ask his friends in the sales team why he has refused to go.

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  C Ask your immediate superior what the normal practice is in such situations.

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  D Leave him to make his own decision.

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