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Academic Word List: Exercise 31

Read the following text, paying particular attention to the highlighted words.

Recruitment and Selection

When there is a vacancy in a company, it is the job of the Personnel Manager and his department to manage the recruitment of a new employee. One way an organization can find staff for job vacancies is to recruit in-company. Management can inform people of new appointments by means of the firm's notice board or news bulletin. Another possibility is to ask for recommendations from departmental managers and supervisors. If it is necessary to recruit outside the company, the personnel department may use commercial and government employment offices or consultants. It may prefer to put its own advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.

It is usual for an advertisement to give a short description of the job, conditions of work and salary, and to invite introductory letters from applicants. After studying these, management decides who receives an application form.

In order to assess the applications, managers can work from a personnel specification such as Rodger's Seven-Point Plan. They do not choose applicants who do not have a good profile. For this reason, it is important that the application form requests clear information about such things as the applicant's age, education, qualifications and work experience. It must also ask for references from other employers or people who know the applicant well. This information helps management to make a final decision on the number of applicants they can short-list for interview.

The staff who hold an interview together are called an interview 'panel'. It is important that they know what information they need to get from the applicants. This comes from a careful reading of job descriptions, personnel specifications, and applications. To help the panel in their selection, some companies use an interview assessment form. This is used by the panel during the interview when each applicant is checked under the same point on the form.

Many employers say that the success of a good business begins in the Personnel Manager's office.

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