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Academic Word List: Exercise 19

Read the following text, paying particular attention to the highlighted words.

The Travelling Salesman

The travelling salesman appeared late in the 19th century in Europe and in the United States. The early itinerant peddler carried his goods on his back or on his horse, working his way from a port city through the hinterlands. With the coming of the railway and the assurance given to sellers by new credit-reporting systems, salespeople with their sample cases moved across the land. Persuasive skill was less important in those days of unsatisfied demand, and orders were readily forthcoming. By 1900, however, with the increasing supply of manufactured goods, buyers became more discriminating in their purchases. Greater attention was given to training the sales force and to providing buyer incentives. The growth of industrialization and urban living led to the development of merchandising as a major business endeavour. The use of sales promotion practices has experienced steady growth in the 20th century.

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