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Writing paragraphs

Exercise 11

Identify and classify the signalling words in the following paragraph.

To begin with, it is necessary to consider the long-term implications of the decision to increase our dependence on permanent staff in our restaurants. For example, let us say we do go ahead. In this case, our reliance on hourly-paid staff will decrease. As a result, costs will reduce, as permanent staff are cheaper than hourly-paid staff. In fact, it is not necessarily the case, especially as there is no way of knowing what the relative costs of hourly-paid staff and permanent staff will be in ten years' time. However, as a rule hourly permanent staff are more reliable than full-time staff and this is a genuine advantage. As a consequence of these two advantages, permanent staff would seem to be a better option. In other words, they are cheaper and more reliable so they are better. In that case, it is not necessary to hesitate. Naturally, nothing is so simple. In short, cost is an unknown factor and the most economical choice is not known.

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