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Writing paragraphs

Identifying and supporting topic sentences

Exercise 5

Put the following sentences in the correct order in produce well organised paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 - Click here for an interactive version of this exercise.

a. For a lightweight poster or sign, you can use either offset book stock or cover stock.

b. You'll probably have to take your publication to a commercial printer, however, since bristol won't feed through most desktop printers or copy machines.

c. The type of paper you choose for a poster or a sign depends on how it will be reproduced and how it is going to be used.

d. If you need to create a more durable poster or sign, or create packaging, bristol stock is your best choice.

(Microsoft publisher CD deluxe companion, p. 185)

Paragraph 2 - Click here for an interactive version of this exercise.

a. It's rare, but not unheard of, for mail to go astray.

b. And many corporate mail servers have had growing pains, too, experiencing holdups and the odd deletion.

c. On the whole though, you can assume email will arrive.

d. However during 1997, AOL and Microsoft Network - to name just the big players - had severe mail outages resulting in the delay, and in some cases loss, of email.

e. In general Internet email is considerably more reliable than the postal service.

(The Internet and world wide web: The rough guide, (1997), p. 15)

Paragraph 3 - Click here for an interactive version of this exercise.

a. Time may indicate the importance of the occasion as well as on what level an interaction between persons is to take place.

b. The same applies for calls after 11:00 P.M.

c. Different parts of the day, for example, are highly significant in certain contexts.

d. Our realisation that time talks is even reflected in such common expressions as, "What time does the clock say?"

e. In the United States if you telephone someone very early in the morning, while he is shaving or having breakfast, the time of the call usually signals a matter of utmost importance and extreme urgency.

f. A call received during sleeping hours is apt to be taken as a matter of life and death, hence the rude joke value of these calls among the young.

(Edward Hall, (1973), The silent language, p. 2)

Paragraph 4 - Click here for an interactive version of this exercise.

a. But modern anthropology stands opposed to the view that anatomy is destiny.

b. Men are taller, heavier, and stronger than women; hence it is "natural" that hunting and warfare should be male specialities.

c. Men have higher levels of testosterone; hence they are "naturally" more aggressive, sexually and otherwise, and are "naturally" dominant over women.

d. Since differences in the anatomy and physiology of human males and females are so obvious it is easy to be misled into believing that sex-linked roles and statuses are primarily biological rather than cultural phenomena.

e. As the underlying demographic, technological, economic, and ecological conditions to which these sex-linked roles are adapted change, new cultural definitions of sex-linked roles will emerge.

f. Moreover since women menstruate, become pregnant, and lactate, they "naturally" are the ones to stay at home to care for and feed infants and children.

g. Nor are women born with an innate tendency to care for infants and children and to be sexually and politically subordinate.

h. Rather it has been the case that under a broad but finite set of cultural and natural conditions certain sex-linked specialities have been selected for in a large number of cultures.

i. Males are not born with an innate tendency to be hunters or warriors or to be sexually and politically dominant over women.

(Marvin Harris, (1975). Culture, people, nature, p. 610)

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