(BAWE) British Academic Written English Corpus

Writing for a Purpose

Statements of Purpose

Before you start writing, it is important to consider the broad purpose of your writing.

We often find a sentence or two about the purpose of the assignment in the introduction section, or in the first paragraph of a piece of academic writing. When they write about the purpose of the assignment  students explain the specific purpose, in relation to the assignment task.

Look at the following sentences from student writing. Can you identify the Primary Purposes?

Primary Purposes

Demonstrating Knowledge and Understanding

Building Research Skills

Developing Powers of Independent Reasoning

Writing for Oneself and Others

Preparing for Professional Practice

This report investigates 4 materials that are commonly used in biomedical materials science. Low Carbon Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, Aluminium Alloy, and Alloyed Steel, are all used for very different functions, but can these be predisposed by their qualities as proven by this basic exercise?

Descartes used this technique the starting point of his philosophy. The question of this enquiry however, is to determine whether or not said method is beneficial to those who aspire to embark on philosophical thought. We will need to assess Descartes' approach towards rudimentary philosophy with a strict criterion of validity and plausibility, identifying its faults and weaknesses in order that one will not be led astray if he should subscribe to the Method of Doubt. It is essential to elucidate exactly what Descartes wished to accomplish with the Method of Doubt.

In this essay, I'm going to discuss factors that may affect the extent of monopoly economic efficiency.

In this essay I will briefly outline why mass unemployment emerged at this time, including factors of global changes, technological advances and government policies. I will then move on to examine which groups were most at risk from these changes, looking closely at the young, those in industrial towns, men, especially the unskilled, and finally ethnic minorities, and exploring the reasons why they were so vulnerable. I will not look at several other groups who were also vulnerable; those with disabilities, few qualifications and the elderly, as they had been at risk from unemployment before, and it was not the situation in the 1970s that caused this risk, as it was with the groups I will look at.

This essay will argue that the construction of gender identity is related to Imperialism and racism as the indigenous people of conquered nations provided white Englishmen with an image of 'uncivilised' people with which they could compare themselves to. 

This paper examines the reasons behind the 'death of class' contention and offers an opinion on whether they are valid.

The aim of the experiment was to establish the order of a number of genes important in amino acid metabolism and sugar catabolism.

The experiment aimed to investigate conjugation and recombination in Esherichia coli and determine the chromosomal order of a number of genes for amino acid synthesis and sugar metabolism.

The purpose of this experiment is to explore the relationship between the forms of Newton's 2nd Law appropriate to linear motion and to rotational motion, explore the physical behaviour of 2nd moment of mass and to develop understanding of the nature of experimental error and the analysis of experiment data. At the end of the experiment, the moments of inertia of the three disc is determined and compared with the values derive using the theoretical relationship. An estimate of the precision and accuracy of the measurements will be made as well.

The purpose of this experiment was to investigate how effective the use of Lorayne's (1958) mnemonic technique was at improving memory of people's surnames immediately after learning and 24 hours after learning.

This study investigated whether first year university females had significantly more disordered eating than a control group of non-university females.

This essay will examine ways in which people's memories are affected by their feelings, and will also investigate models put forward as explanations as to why emotion has such an influence on memory.

In this report, a torque sensor was designed. It was a shaft-type cantilever, which was clamped to a frame at one end, with the other end left free to be twisted under a torque. This torque was applied via a thin steel bar attached to the free end of the shaft, and a force applied to the other end of the steel bar. The shaft was a hollow one, made of steel with the dimensions as follows: length L = 200mm; outside diameter d = 20mm and the internal diameter d i = 17mm.

The objective of this exercise is to find, by experimental means, the moments of inertia of three steel discs.

For this essay I have chosen to analyse Ibsen's 'A Doll's House'. However, before attacking the elements of this play that qualify it as an example of naturalism, I feel the need to explore this term further, in order to form a central understanding of what 'naturalism' refers to.

The major objectives of this laboratory were to develop an understanding of:

  • Current, voltage, power and power factor in a simple electrical power system
  • Measurement of torque and mechanical power
  • The performance of a small three-phase induction motor/li>

This essay will attempt to outline the major revolutionary changes that occurred during the French Revolution. However, the general focus of the essay will be on the early years of the Revolution because it could be argued that the it lasted until 1815 with the fall of Napoleon and covering this whole period would be both unfeasible and lacking in depth for such a short essay.

The essay introduces the proposals of the Serial Endosymbiosis Theory (SET), and discusses the evidence supporting the theory. Other theories opposing SET, along with supporting evidence, are also briefly discussed in order to argue a balanced case for endosymbiosis.

This hypothesis testing was aiming on detecting the difference in the length of the little finger of male and female students. Bias, confounders were considered when designing the test.

This essay aims to look at whether this industry makes a good career choice and in order to achieve this; it is necessary to identify the key characteristics of the industry and compares both the benefits and drawbacks of working in this industry.

This literature review will examine the different approaches used to tackle truancy within schools. It will in look in detail at the methodology used to research the effectiveness of such interventions.

This learning journal will support my own development in cultural communications and increase my awareness of cultural diversity.

This paper will firstly evaluate different financial ratios of this company which are based on Clayton Ltd's historical financial statements for the latest two years and deduce several factors that this company need to consider before expansion. Secondly, the two funding options will be examined both from the positive side and negative side and relative assumptions will be stated according to the ratio evaluation. Thirdly, under the current circumstances, alternative sources of finance for Clayton will be recommended.

This seminar paper aims to identify the role of the hospitality financial controller and his relation to and effect on the rest of the management team.