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EAP vocabulary: Exercises

Academic Word List

The words in the Academic Word occur in all subjects. All the words in the Academic Word List are included in these exercises. If you want to learn all the words, you will need to do all the exercises. I suggest you start with the ones that look interesting. For most of these exercises, I have used Range by Paul Nation to select the words.

Exercise 1: The Motor Car

Exercise 2: Introduction to Computers

Exercise 3: Measurement of Current

Exercise 4: An Experiment in Chemistry

Exercise 5: The History of Life on Earth

Exercise 6: Cells

Exercise 7: Alternatives to the Concept of a Body Clock

Exercise 8: Charles Darwin

Exercise 9: Natural Selection

Exercise 10: Malaria: Discovery by Committee

Exercise 11: Causes of Cancer

Exercise 12: Attempted Suicide

Exercise 13: Indications for Psychiatric Inpatient Care

Exercise 14: Aerospace Medicine

Exercise 15: The Immune System

Exercise 16: The Concept of Number

Exercise 17: Carbohydrate and Fibre

Exercise 18: Affluence and Inequality

Exercise 19: The Travelling Salesman

Exercise 20: Stocks

Exercise 21: Business Cycle

Exercise 22: Banking

Exercise 23: Globalisation

Exercise 24: On the Motivation to Work

Exercise 25: Trading in Other Securities

Exercise 26: Interest

Exercise 27: Inflation and Deflation

Exercise 28: Retailing Strategy

Exercise 29: Common and Preferred Stock

Exercise 30: Company Structure

Exercise 31: Recruitment and Selection

Exercise 32: The Problem of Production

Exercise 33: History of Tourism

Exercise 34: Commercialism and Sport

Exercise 35: European Union

Exercise 36: The Public Order Act

Exercise 37: Causing Death

Exercise 38: Requirements for Murder

Exercise 39: Treason

Exercise 40: Crime, Deprivation and Morality

Exercise 41: Martial Law

Exercise 42: Modern Developments in Law

Exercise 43: 20th Century British History

Exercise 44: Time in History

Exercise 45: 1931 General Election

Exercise 46: Tackling the Inner Cities

Exercise 47: Ethics

Exercise 48: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Exercise 49: Language

Exercise 50: Music

Exercise 51: Educational Research

Exercise 52: Statistics in Language Studies

Exercise 53: Overseas Students in Higher Education

Exercise 54: Teaching English with Video

Exercise 55: Royal Dutch/Shell Group

Exercise 56: An Observation and an Explanation

Index to words in exercises (html)

Index to words in exercises (Excel - 99 KB)